Depending on the type of Keep&Share account you have, your account is allotted a maximum number of Calendars. Free Basic accounts have 1 Calendar, paid Solo plans have 5 by default (but can have up to 30 if you purchase Expansion Packs) and every account on a Team plan has 30 Calendars. The maximum number of Calendars is what will always be available in your account, regardless of whether you are using all of your Calendars or not.

Since the number Keep&Share Calendars available to your account is permanent, your Calendars cannot be "deleted." However, there are several ways that you can hide calendars or erase calendar data to make new calendars for your use.

Erase the Contents of your Calendar

You can erase part of the contents or all of the contents of a Calendar. You can also use the "Erase older data to free up space" feature located in the "Delete my calendar..." tab in your Calendar’s “Customize” screen. This tool will allow you to delete Calendar entries in bulk older than a certain date that you no longer need.

Once you have deleted the contents of your Calendar, you can choose to rename your Calendar and then re-use it.

Hide your Calendars

Whenever you choose to create a new Calendar, that Calendar will show up in your Navigator. If you have several Calendars in your Navigator that you no longer want or need, you can hide those Calendars from the Navigator. That way, your Navigator stays organized and shows only the Calendars you want. You can always click on the “Manage Applications” icon at the bottom of the "Home" tab to put Calendars back in the Navigator.

How to delete calendars from "Manage Applications"

If you hide a calendar in the "Manage Applications" dialog you'll see that there's a red "X" that appears next to the calendar that you've hidden. You can click on this red "X" and you'll be taken through the "Delete Calendar" process. This will delete your entire calendar and all of its contents from your account and it will no longer show up in the "Manage Applications" dialog. A copy of your deleted calendar will be automatically saved in the "Files" application of your account. See the image below:

Learn more about how to restore a deleted calendar to your account.

Closing Seats on Team Accounts

If you have a team plan, the account master can close an account seat so that it can't be used, or remove the seat, so that it can still be used but is no longer part of the multi-seat plan. This will remove all of the Calendars that were associated with that Team member from your Team account.

If you are looking to remove your entire account you can choose to close your account or otherwise manage your account.

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