Almost every element of Keep&Share can be embedded or added into other website pages such as blogs and company or community websites. Any time that you create a new document, calendar, photo album, etc, a snippet of code is automatically generated for that item of information. You can copy this snippet of code and add it to the HTML section of the website you want to embed your application into.

By using Keep&Share to host portions of your website you gain the advantages of a “Content Management System”: your Keep&Share account hosts the information and the information can be easily updated inside your Keep&Share account by non-technical users. All edits are instantly reflected in any web pages that embed the Keep&Share information.

You can also do traditional URL linking from your web pages to any information in your Keep&Share account.

How To Embed

First, set the sharing to be “Public on the information you want to embed - since you are embedding onto your public website, your embedded information should be publicly viewable - otherwise your web visitors will be prompted to log into Keep&Share to view your information.

Second, copy the “Embed” code we provide you.

You can embed:

To learn more about embedding applications into your website, please visit our Developer Site.