The "Review Bookings" panel is where you can review all bookings that have been made to Self-Book templates on your calendars. The basic information included in the "Review Bookings" panel is:

  • Booking date
  • Template name
  • Date booking submitted
  • Booking status
  • Calendar name
  • Event name
  • Private notes

However, when visitors book events on your calendar there may be more information they've submitted in your Self-Book forms (especially if you've made a custom form) that isn't visible on this screen. To see the extra information that your visitors have submitted (ex. email, phone number, etc.) you can drill down by clicking on the blue template link in the "Review Bookings" panel. See the image below:

You can then drill down further in your bookings by clicking on the booking date, the calendar name, or the event title to see only the information that you're looking for. See the image below:

You can also export any of your participant data into a .CSV file to make it easy to contact your participants using the email client of your choice.