Depending on what type of account you have with Keep&Share, your account is allotted a certain number of calendars. Free plans have 1 calendar, paid  plans have 5 calendars, and paid Team accounts have 30 calendars per Team member. 

When you use the "Manage Applications" dialog in your Navigator, you can click on the checkbox next to the calendar(s) that you want to turn on in your account. All of the calendars available to your account will be hidden from the Navigator until you choose to show them using this dialog. 

If you'd like to create multiple calendars at once, you can use the "Add new calendars" feature in the "Customize" screen for your calendar. This feature allows you to create up to 20 calendars at once (depending on your account calendar limits). 

To learn how to create calendars in bulk, follow the steps in the image below:

Once you've opened the "Add new calendars" screen you can type in the name for each of the new calendars you want to add and choose what settings you want to copy from the calendar that you're currently into the new calendars. Follow the steps in this image:

One of the benefits of creating your calendars in bulk is that you have the choice to automatically set up your new calendars as Side-by-Side calendars and/or as Calendar Overlays to the current calendar you're in. If you add the calendars as overlays, they will be automatically assigned default overlay colors that you can later change.