When participants book your events you can choose what notifications are sent to them. We provide a default email and text message that is sent to attendees, but you can also choose to customize the email and text messages that are sent. To access your "Notifications" tab in your "Self-Book" templates follow the steps in the image below:

After you click on the "Notifications" tab, you'll see a section labeled "Participants". Here is where you click on the checkbox next to the notifications that you want to send. Further down on the screen you can click on the tab for each of the 9 notification types to customize their text. See the image below:

For each notification type, you can choose to customize the message that is sent. This can be helpful for extra details about your event or the steps participants need to take after their booking was confirmed or rejected. For custom email messages you can choose to add text in addition to the default message that we send, or you can choose to completely replace it. For the custom SMS text messages, anything you insert will completely replace the default message.

If you click on the "Substitutions" buttons that are available to each notification type you'll see a pop-up list of variables that you can click on and add to your text boxes. These substitutions allow you to pull information from the event that your visitors have signed up for. For example, if you want to send them a confirmation of what time they signed up for you would choose the "%starttimefmt%" variable from the list.

Below is a list of each notification type and when they are sent:

  • Pending/Reserved - If the booking status has been set to "Reserved" or "Pending" (such as when the processing type has been set to "Reserve for approval" or "Hold for Approval") then this is the message your participants can receive. We only recommend using this message when the confirmation process for bookings takes several days. If there's a short turnaround on accepting bookings we recommend only using the "Submission Confirmation" message.
  • Acceptance - This message is sent when a participant is confirmed to have booked your event. This status can be applied automatically depending on what processing type you're using, or you can manually switch to "Accepted" in the "Review Bookings" panel.
  • Rejection - Attendees receive this message when their booking has been rejected.
  • Update - If anything other than date or time changes about the event (Ex. event text, tag, event notes, etc) your participants will receive a notification that changes have been made to their booking.
  • Reschedule - If the event has been rescheduled to a new time or date, the "reschedule" notification is sent.
  • Waitlist - When the "Waitlist" feature is turned on, whenever your event's signups reach their capacity, your event will automatically display a waitlist prompt allowing your visitors to join a waitlist and they will receive this message. Waitlists automatically accept the next person on the waitlist whenever an accepted signup is canceled, keeping your event a full registration capacity.
  • Reminder - These are reminder messages sent to your participants about their booking according to the schedule in the "Reminder Settings" section of your template.
  • Confirmation Required - After a participant's booking is accepted, you can require that a message be sent to them to confirm their booking.  If a booking is pending or reserved because of the template processing being set to "Hold for Approval" or "Reserve for Approval" then the confirmation required message is not yet sent; it is only set once the booking status has been set to "Accepted."
  • Confirmed - If you have required confirmation and participants confirm their booking with you, you can then send a separate message to your participants that their booking has been confirmed.
  • Submission Confirmation - When users submit a booking to your calendar, you can then customize the pop-up message they see after they've submitted a booking with additional instructions or steps.

There are also corresponding booking statuses that you will see in the "Review Bookings" panel based on how you've set up your Self-Book templates.