When visitors book appointments on your calendar, you can set your Self-Book settings so that they're required to confirm the appointment that they have booked with you. Having your visitors confirm their bookings decreases late arrivals and no-shows for your events.

To set up booking confirmations for Appointment, Group Sign-up, and Reservation templates follow the steps in the image below:

When you have this turned on and visitors book an event, they'll see a pop-up dialog that says "You will need to confirm your appointment". Visitors can then go to their email, click on the "Confirm Appointment" button in the email that we send them, and then the booking status in your calendar will go from "Not confirmed" to "confirmed." See the image below:

Please keep in mind that if you have "Require participants to confirm" turned on, then you will not be able to choose any payment settings for your event. This also means that if you have "required" or "optional" payment settings turned on, you won't be able to turn "require participants to confirm" on. You can only have one of these features turned on at a time for each Self-Book template.

Also please note that when you are using the "Reserve for Approval" processing type and the "Require participants to confirm" together, then you will have to use the "Not confirmed" status to start the acceptance booking process instead of changing booking statuses to "Accepted." This will ensure that the "Confirmation required" email will be sent out to your participants.