The "Sign up for a Group Event" Self-Book template allows you to choose how many people can sign up for your event. If your event reaches capacity, you can also have a waitlist for visitors who want to sign up after the event has reached capacity. That means if someone cancels their booking, you can then choose from the waitlist who can participate in your event instead.

For example, let's say your event has a capacity of five people and a waitlist of five people. When the first five people sign up for your event, they will receive an "Accepted" notification and anyone who wants to sign up after your event has reached capacity will see a "waitlist" prompt. See the image below:

If one of the five original signups is canceled or rejected, then you can go to your "Review Bookings" panel and change one of the waitlisted bookings to "Accepted." That person will then get the "Accepted notification and a new position on the waitlist will be opened for signups.

To learn how to turn on the "waitlist" feature for your "Group Signup" template follow the steps in the image below:

If the event capacity has been filled, then the "Waitlist" capacity prompt will be displayed. Once the event capacity and the waitlist capacity have been filled, then the event capacity prompt will be displayed.