Your Calendar’s time zone is important when you set up your Calendar's Events and Reminders. You can choose the default time zone for your entire Keep&Share account in your Account Settings or you can choose a primary timezone for an individual Calendar in your account in the "Customize" screen.

If you have calendar visitors that are from a timezone that is different from yours, you can turn on the secondary timezone in your calendar. The secondary timezone is a smaller timezone at the top of your calendar that visitors can click on to view your events in the timezone of their choosing.

If you have visitors from multiple timezones and you want to make sure that they're seeing your events in the correct timezone, you can turn on a feature that allows your calendar to automatically detect the timezone of your anonymous (not logged into a Keep&Share account) visitors. This feature will automatically show all event times based on the browser timezone of the anonymous visitor.

To turn this feature on follow the steps in the image below: