There are several things that can control the order that your events appear. If you want to change the order of your events you can do so by using one or more of the sorting hierarchies listed below:

Events with no time

If you add any events without a time then the default sorting order is that your events will appear in the order that they were added to your calendar. The only way to change the order of these events without using another sorting method listed below, or by deleting the events and then re-adding them in the order of your choosing, is to set the default sorting order to alphabetically.

Events with a time

If you add a time to your event then they will be sorted in the order of the time. If you want to change the order of your timed events you will need to choose one of these options:

  1. Add headlines to your events
  2. Turn off number recognition so that you can add numbers to your event without them being recognized as a time
  3. Use Event Tags

If you are using events with no time (all-day events) and events with a time on the same day, then you can choose for your all-day events to appear above all of your events with time or below events with a time.

Multi-Day Events

Multi-day events always appear at the top of your day boxes in your calendar, regardless of time. They will also appear above any timed single-day events. If you have several multi-day events on the same day, they will appear in the order that you added them. Even if you add Event Tags to your events, single-day events will not appear above multi-day events. However, if you add Event Tags to multi-day events, that will change the order that the events appear in.

Using Headlines

You can organize events in your day by headlining them according to your personal preference. You can headline an Event (which brings the Event to the top of your list for the day) by placing an “@” symbol at the front of the Event's text. You can further order and headline Events by adding multiple “@” symbols, where “@@” is the second on the list, “@@@” is third on the list, and so on.


If you have a holiday overlay turned on in your calendar, the holidays will appear above any single-day events and below any multi-day events. Since the holiday overlays are an add-on for your calendar that isn't in your account, there is not a way for you to change what order that the events from holiday overlays appear in.

Event Tags

Event Tags are tags that you can use to label and color-code your Calendar Events. These tags are consistent through all of your Calendars in your Keep&Share account and help you to visually link similar Events together very quickly. Event Tags can sort your events in the order that you have your Event Tags listed in the Navigator on the left-hand side of the screen. 

If your events have a time, Event Tags will not change the order of your timed events. But any event that doesn't have a time, you can reorganize using Event Tags.

Event Duration

If you have two events that start at the same time but have a different duration, the longer event will always appear below the shorter event with the same start time.

To Do List Overlays

To Do List Overlays allow you to create a combined view of your Calendars and To Do Lists by layering your To Do List on top of your calendar. Multi-day events will appear above your To Do List overlays and single-day events will appear below your To Do Lists.