When a Visitor books an Event on your Calendar, they fill out a Self-Book Form that sends you information about the visitor and the Event they are booking. When you customize a Self-Book Template, you are able to choose a Self-Book Form to use with the template.

If you delete a Self-Book form that you no longer need, it is sent to the Form Trash in your Self-Book dashboard. You can only delete custom forms, you cannot delete the default forms that come with your account. Deleting a Self-Book form does not delete any templates that the form is linked to. If you have a form that is linked to a Self-Book template, you'll need to change what form the template uses before you can delete the form.

To learn how to delete a Self-Book form follow the steps in the image below:

Once you delete your form, it will be moved to the Form Trash. You can only access delete forms if you are in the "Manage Forms" section.  To access the  "Deleted Forms" section and restore any deleted forms follow the steps in the image below: