When visitors fill out your Self-Book forms to book your events, all of their booking information is automatically sent to the "Review Bookings" panel. This panel will include all of the information that your visitors submitted when they made their booking such as name, phone number, address, etc. 

At the bottom of your Self-Book templates, there is a feature called "Address Book Integration." When you have this feature turned on then Self-Book will automatically create an address book entry from data submitted by visitors using the Self-Book form. Information fields that you want to be added to your address entries will need to be added to the Self-Book form linked to this template.

To turn the feature on follow the steps below:

When "Enable Address Book Integration" is turned on, each new contact in the Address Book submitted by "Self-Book" is based around the email address. This means that if a person submits a new booking to your calendar and they've changed their last name or mailing address, it will be automatically updated in your Address Book as long as the email address that the person uses is the same.

You can choose what Address Book and Folder that you want your Self-Book contacts to be added to in the "Self-Book" template:

If you click on the checkbox next to "Add a copy of the Self-Book form to the address Contact History" then a copy of the Self-Book form will be added to the Contact History notes. This is helpful for keeping track of what events a visitor has signed up for as well as what changes they've made to their address over time.

This feature is also useful if you only want to gather new contacts to add to your Address Book. If you use the "Make a Reservation" or "Suggest an Event" Self-Book template, you can choose to only have contact information fields like name and address. You can also customize what the button says above your calendar and use it only to collect contacts. See the image below:

If you want to email a link to the form for visitors to fill out their contact information so that they don't have to visit your calendar, you can choose the "Make a Reservation" or "Suggest an Event" template types. Once one of these templates has been turned on for your calendar, you can then go to the "Customize" screen and copy the link for your Self-Book form. This form can then be emailed to anyone you want and they can fill out the form to automatically add their addresses to your Address Book.

To copy the code for your “Self-Book” forms, follow the steps in the image below:

Once you have copied the link for your “Self-Book" form, your visitors can click on your sign-up link. Once they do that, a new browser window will open with your “Self-Book” form that your visitors will fill out. See an example below of how your event forms will appear once visitors click on the sign-up link: