Day Notes are free-form calendar entries that can store blocks of text on any date in your Calendar. There is one Day Note available per date on your calendar and both calendar owners and visitors with edit rights can make changes to them. If you are using the calendar for a daily diary and make several edits to the Day Notes throughout the day, when you edit the Day Notes and who edited them is not indicated in your calendar.

The Daily Log allows you and visitors to be able to add individual daily records to your calendar that are appended to the Day Notes. These entries or comments can be added like Day Notes, but they can show the time, account name, and date that the log entry was added. This is useful for noting records throughout the day and allows you to have a forum directly in your calendar, whether it's used by one person or a whole team.

By default, the Daily Log is turned off in your calendar. Once you turn it on, anyone that you've shared your calendar with and is logged into a Keep&Share account will be able to add entries to your Daily Log. To turn on the Daily Log in your calendar follow the steps in the image below:

Once you have the Daily Log turned on, all you need to do is click on a Day Box in your calendar and the Daily Log dialog will pop up. You can then type in your note and add it to your calendar. Follow these steps:

If you want to edit the entries in the Daily Log or add other notes to your Day Note, you can click on the "Edit Day Note" button in the Daily Log to open the Day Note editor. See the image below: