We want to reassure all of our users that we never delete anything from your account. Only you can delete items from your account. If you think that you have missing events in your calendar, here are some possible reasons your events are missing:

  • You accidentally deleted your event
  • You have multiple people logging into your account and one of them deleted events
  • You added your event to a different year
  • You added it to a different calendar

To make sure that your event isn't anywhere in your calendar, we first recommend doing a calendar search. If after you've completed the calendar search and you can't find your event, you can then check the "Review Deleted Events & Day Notes" report. 

This report is an extension of the Calendar Edit History and while the Calendar Edit History records all edits made to a calendar, who made them, and the before and after version of the event or day note, the "Review Deleted Events & Day Notes" report only shows what entries have been deleted. This makes it easy to search for your missing events.

To access this report follow the steps in the image below:

Once you have the report open it will look like the image below:

If you have a paid Keep&Share account you'll be able to restore any deleted entries to your calendar.