When you add Self-Book to your calendar or events, they can appear as signup links (for Group Signup and Appointment templates) or they can appear as buttons on the top of your calendar (Suggest an Event and Make a Reservation templates). See the image below:

When you add a Calendar Overlay to your calendars, anything that is on your calendar overlay will appear on the calendar that you added the overlay to. This includes any Self-Book links that you have in the Calendar Overlay. You do have the option of turning off the Self-Book links in a calendar when that calendar is overlaid onto another calendar. The Self-Book links will still appear in the calendar when you view the calendar by itself, and not as an overlay.

To turn off Self-Book links in calendar overlays, you will first need to add your overlay to your calendar. Follow these steps:

Once you've added your Calendar Overlay to your calendar, you'll need to go to the Navigator on the left-hand side of the screen. You can then hide the Self-Book links from that calendar by following these steps:

When you hide the Self-Book links on your Calendar Overlays, this will hide the links from all visitors, including those with edit rights to your calendar.

Learn more about how to hide Self-Book links from read-only visitors.