When visitors book events on your calendar, there will be a blue "Review" link that appears next to your Self-Book event. You can then click on this "Review" link to review the individual signups for your event. This "review" link is only visible to the owner of the calendar and those who have edit rights to the calendar. See the image below:

If you don't want to see the blue "Review" link in your calendar you can choose to turn this feature off. The review link will be hidden and then you'll need to go to the "Review Bookings" panel to see any of your bookings. To learn how to turn the "review" link off in your calendar follow the steps in the image below:

You can only hide the "Review" link for the "Make an Appointment" and "Group Signup" Self-Book templates. Also, the "Review" link will still show for your events if there haven't been any signups for that event. Once the event has a booking, the "Review" link will disappear.