If visitors submit their email address when they fill out a booking on your calendar, they have the option of later returning to your calendar to get a list of what bookings they have. This is especially useful if visitors have multiple bookings with you or if the events have been rescheduled.

When you have this feature turned on in your calendar, visitors only need to click on the "Send my Bookings" button, fill out their email address, and the visitors will receive a list of their bookings to that email address. See below:

Note: The email address that they send the bookings to must be the same email address that they add in the "Send my Bookings" box. Our system will send an email with all bookings that have been made with that email address. Also, this feature only shows accepted upcoming bookings. Any bookings that are still "pending" will not be sent.

To turn this feature on, follow the steps in the image below:

If you want to customize the way the "Send my Bookings" button is labeled you can type in your custom text in the box below "Display the 'Send my Bookings'" button.