All of the Keep&Share apps (addresses, to do lists, files, photos, discussions, etc.) are specially designed for seamless integration with your calendar. For example, you can directly attach Addresses to your events as a link or overlay your To Do Lists on your calendar.

However, if you prefer to be able to see the full version of your Address Book or To Do List rather than as an attachment or overlay on your calendar, you can turn on the Calendar Sidebar. The Calendar Sidebar allows you to show a selected Address Book or To Do list folder set on the right-hand side of your calendar in a separate column on your screen. See the image below:

To set up your Calendar Sidebar follow the steps in the image below:

Once you have chosen what application you want in the sidebar of your calendar, you also have the option of choosing how wide the sidebar application is next to your calendar. See the image below:

After you've configured your Calendar Sidebar you have the option of turning the sidebar off and on from your calendar. This makes it easy to see your sidebar when you want to see it, without having to remove it from the calendar "Customize" settings every time. See the image below:

To see the calendar sidebar in action, please click on the button below to watch a short video:

Click here to watch a short video