How many team members you need depends on how many people you want to have edit rights, receive reminders, notifications, and be able to have shared collaborative access to items in your Keep&Share account. You can configure all team member accounts to see only what you want them to see. You can also choose your calendar or other items as the first thing your team members see when they log in, choose what applications are turned on in their account, and automatically share other team members, share groups, and friends.

If you have visitors that you only need to give "read-only" access to and they don't need to receive any reminders, notifications, copies of calendars, etc. then these "read-only" visitors can be given access to calendars and other items in your account by giving them a private sharing link or you can embed your calendar on your website. These visitors don't need to be part of your team account nor are they required to have a Keep&Share account depending on how your sharing is set.

For example, if you and your two partners need to be able to manage all of your clients on 10 separate calendars, but you want each client to be able to see their calendar, then you only need a 3-user Team account. You and your partners will be able to make edits on the calendar and be notified of changes, but your clients will still be able to access and view their calendars.

You may also choose to add people to your team plan that you want to have "read-only" access, but you want them to have a very easy-to-use experience. If you add someone to your team plan they can log into their account and automatically see what you want them to see when they first log in. They can also use the free Keep&Share mobile app to access their account anywhere, anytime for a seamless experience.