You have two options for resetting "Finished" tasks on your lists. You can manually reset all of your finished Tasks to "unfinished" or you can have selected tasks that automatically appear again in your list on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly repeat schedule. If you use this option your tasks will automatically create a new instance in your list as soon as the currently due task instance is marked as "finished." Note that the reset time is dependent on your account timezone.

To add a repeating schedule to your Task you'll first need to click on a Task in your list and click on the "Repeat" drop-down menu in the Task Editor. Choose a unit (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annually) that you'd like to repeat your Task. Each unit has different options available to further customize the frequency of your repeating event.

Follow the steps in the image below:

Once you've selected on what basis you'd like your Task to repeat (ex. daily, weekly, monthly, or annually) you will be presented with new options to help you set the frequency of your Task, (such as every 3 days). See the image below:

Once you've selected a unit for your repeating Task (such as days), you can set a frequency of your Task, (such as every 3 days). Once you've set a frequency, select an end date to complete your repeating Task. If you do not enter an end date, the repeating Task will reset to "unfinished" on your To Do List indefinitely.

Note: A repeating task only shows up on the first day that you've scheduled it. This is to prevent your repeating task from showing up more times in the future before the first installment of that repeating task has been finished. When the task shows up on the first day and then you mark it as "finished", a new task will automatically appear on the next occurrence date.