If you have emails that you'd like to quickly copy from your Address Book, you don't have to export your addresses as a .CSV file or Excel file in order to use them. 

At the top of your Address Book and Address Book folders, there's an "Email" link that you can click on after you've selected contacts in your Address Book. The emails for your selected contacts will pop up in a new dialog that you can easily copy and paste into the email program of your choice.

Follow the steps in the image below:

NOTE: The "Open in your email program" link in the pop-up dialog only works if you have your computer or email browser set up to open your preferred email program. Learn more about how to:

You can also make it easier to find specific email addresses in your Address Book if you using address filtering and then you can click on the checkbox next to your address folder name to select all of the addresses that show in your filtered results at once.