The “Book an Appointment” template (part of the Self-Book feature) lets visitors select to book an event from a range of potential time slot events that you set up on your Calendar and. The Calendar visitor fills out information about themselves and fills in details that you've asked for on the corresponding Self-Book Form. The “Book an Appointment” template is for events with only one participant.

By default when visitors cancel an appointment that they've booked, the event doesn't return to how it looked before it was booked. The booking information for the canceled appointment will still be appended to the event. See the image below:

It can be confusing to leave the booking information appended to the event after the booking is canceled. If you want your appointment to return to its original state before the appointment was booked, you'll need to turn on the "Restore event state..." feature in your Self-Book template editor. Follow the steps in the image below:

Now when appointments are canceled or rejected, your appointment will be returned to its original state before it was booked. See the image below:

Please note that appointments that were canceled prior to turning on the "Restore the event state..." feature in your template will not be returned to their original state. You'll need to create a new appointment if you want the booking information removed.