Keep&Share isn't designed to replace an email client. Keep&Share is designed to work well with email programs you already use. We securely store your contacts online so that you can access them anywhere, but in order to email someone from your list of contacts, you'll need to use your email client of choice (ex. Gmail or Outlook).

If you want to send a single address or a folder of addresses to someone you can copy the Private Sharing Link for that address or folder and then paste it into an email.

If you want to compose a new email to someone who is in your Address book, click on the address to view it and then click on the email address in the "email" field. Your computer will launch your standard email program and open a new email composition window with the email address that you clicked on in the "To" field. This way you won't need to copy and paste the email address. Alternatively, you can use the blue commands at the top of your Address Book to copy selected email addresses from your contacts.

If you want to do bulk email, use our export Address Book command to create a .CSV file that programs like Constant Contact or MailChimp can use. See the image below:

Once you've exported your Address Book as a .CSV file you can then open the downloaded file from your computer and copy all of the addresses listed in the "Email" column. You can then paste these email addresses into the "To" field of your new email in your email client of choice. See the image below:

If you don't want to have to export your .CSV file in order to email your contacts, you can also select contacts in your Address Book and instantly copy the addresses.