If you want to transfer all of your contacts from Plaxo to Keep&Share you'll first need to export your addresses from Plaxo. To export your addresses follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Plaxo account
  2. Click on the "Address Book" tab in the dark blue bar towards the top of your screen
  3. Click on the "Contacts" tab on the left-hand side of the screen
  4. Check the contact folders that you want to export
  5. Click on the "Export" icon
  6. In the pop-up dialog, select elect "Microsoft Outlook (.csv file)" from the drop-down menu and click "Export."
  7. When prompted, specify a convenient location and enter a name for the .csv file in the "Save As" dialog box
  8. Press "Save." The Comma Separated Values (.CSV) file generated in the process can be read by Keep&Share

After you've exported your addresses you can then import them into Keep&Share using these instructions:

If you upload a .CSV file, after you have clicked on the green “Import Address Book” button you will be taken to the Field Mapping screen. This will enable you to choose where the fields in your .CSV file will be imported to Keep&Share. Learn more about using field mapping to import addresses.