Your “Communication Settings” allow you to decide what information Keep&Share sends you a text message about. Types of messages you can receive:

  • Account Messages: Account status information including the “Forgot Account Name” and “Forgot Password Commands”, subscription-related emails, and Keep&Share News emails (announcements of new features, user tips, etc.). At least one email or mobile number must be selected to receive these messages.
  • Reminders: This includes Event Reminders in the Calendar and Task reminders in To Do Lists. 
  • Notifications: Dashboard Notifications of Shares and Comments. This will also need to be checked if you want to receive email copies of your calendar.
  • Reports: Reports on Visitors to your account, automatic Calendar backups, and when files and/or photos are emailed into your account.
  • Messages: Receive messages from other Keep&Share users using the "Send Message" feature.

If you are not receiving text messages from Keep&Share you'll first need to make sure that you have a phone number that's been added and verified in your Keep&Share account. 

You should receive an initial "please confirm this is your number" text message from us. If you do not respond to this text message then you will not receive other text messages from us except for additional "please confirm this is your number" requests. After you confirm your number we send a text message telling you how to "opt-out" of text messages from Keep&Share.

If you opted out of text messages from us, you should still have an instructional text message from us after you opted out telling you that you can reply to the message with "START" to opt back in.

However, if you don't have that text message, then you  can do one of the following:

  1. For U.S. users, send a text to 14153290395 with the word START.
  2. For international users from our supported countries, send a text to 14159150395 with the word START.

Once your phone number has been verified and you've opted into receiving text messages you'll need to make sure that the boxes for "reminders" and "notifications" are checked next to your phone number in order to receive messages by text.