Your Calendar’s time zone is important when you set up your Calendar's Events and Reminders. You can choose the default time zone for your entire Keep&Share account in your Account Settings or you can choose a primary timezone for an individual Calendar in your account in the "Customize" screen.

Once you choose a primary timezone for your calendar, you and your calendar visitors also have the option of choosing a second timezone. This is a useful feature if you want to use different timezones but you don't want to change the primary timezone on your calendar. To add a second timezone to your calendar follow the steps below:

If you choose a second timezone for your calendar your events will be displayed in the new timezone and the original timezone will be displayed in parentheses next to your event.

The secondary timezone does not replace or change the timezone chosen for your calendar in either the Account Settings or "Customize" screen. If you'd like to remove the second timezone you can re-open the timezone dialog and click on the "Reset" button.