Keep&Share can send almost all of its messages to either or both an email address or mobile phone. When we send a message to the mobile phone as a text message, we strip it down to its bare essentials to keep it as short as possible. You can also choose to receive app notifications to your mobile device from the Keep&Share app.

You can choose to receive the following types of messages by text:

  • Account Messages: Account status information including the “Forgot Account Name” and “Forgot Password Commands”, subscription-related emails, and Keep&Share News emails (announcements of new features, user tips, etc.). At least one email or mobile number must be selected to receive these messages.
  • Reminders: This includes Event Reminders in the Calendar and Task reminders in To Do Lists. 
  • Notifications: Dashboard Notifications of Shares and Comments. This will also need to be checked if you want to receive email copies of your calendar.
  • Reports: Reports on Visitors to your account, automatic Calendar backups, and when files and/or photos are emailed into your account.
  • Messages: Receive messages from other Keep&Share users using the "Send Message" feature.

Text messages can be as long as you want, although we recommend you keep them to either 160 or 320 characters maximum, for reasons we explain. The industry sends text messages by placing them in into one or more "SMS Message Segments."  Message Segments are 160 characters maximum. Each message segment will take one or more message credits depending on what country you send the message from.

So, if you're in the United States and your text message is 244 text characters long it will be sent in two message segments (the first 160 and the second 84 long) and it will require two message credits to send. If your text message is 400 characters long, it will be sent in three message segments and require 3 message credits to send.

Here's how many credits each 160 character message will take for these countries:

  • United States & Canada - 1 credit per message segment
  • United Kingdom - 4 credits per message segment
  • Australia - 5 credits per message segment
  • New Zealand - 9 credits per message segment

We charge more credits for SMS messages in UK, AU & NZ because our costs are higher. For example, if someone from the US buys the $12 pack of 1000 message credits,  that is 1.2 cents for 1 SMS segment.  If a customer is in UK, then it would take 4 credits for the same single SMS segment, so that would be about US 4.8 cents per SMS segment.

Each Keep&Share account gets a certain number of message credits per month:

  • Free Basic - 10 message credits
  • Solo - 100 message credits
  • 3-user Team - 150 message credits (we track usage by all accounts in a Team plan against a total in the master account)
  • 10-user Team - 200 message credits
  • 20-user Team - 400 message credits
  • 35-user Team - 700 message credits
  • 50-user Team - 1000 message credits

Any of these monthly message credits that are not used will expire at the end of your monthly billing cycle. You will receive a notification when you use up the free credits that come with your account. 

Purchasing more text message credits

You can buy one message pack or multiple message packs depending on your needs and each message pack is $12.

  • 1 message packs - 1000 message credits ($12)
  • 2 message packs - 2000 message credits ($24)
  • 3 message packs - 3000 message credits ($36)
  • Etc.

These credits will last until they are used up. This means that for the month if you've only used 500 of your extra 1000 message credits, then the remaining credits will roll onto the next month. You will receive a notification if you are running low on paid credits or if you have run out of credits.

Note: Any text messages that Keep&Share sends you concerning your account status (such as when your plan is due to expire or when you try to reset your password) these messages do not count towards your credit usage and therefore will not take up any text/SMS credits.

Solo Plans

If you have a Solo plan, you'll need to go to your Communication settings to see how many test message credits you've already used. Follow the steps in the image below:

If you would like to send more text messages than what is allowed in your account you can go to the "Communications Settings" screen and you will see a button named "Buy Message Credits" to the right of your "View Usage..." button that you can click on to purchase more text message credits. 

Team Plans

If you are the master account on a team you can see how many text message credits you and your team have already used by following the steps in the image below. If you are a sub-account on a team you will need to ask the master account about your text message usage.

If you have a Team account you should go to the Team Console to manage and purchase credits. You can purchase more credits by clicking on the "Buy Message Credits" button that will be in the "Text Messaging" tab of your Team Console.