You can synchronize live calendar data with external calendars using iCalendar publish & subscribe feeds. iCalendar is an industry-standard format for exchanging calendar information. Almost all major calendar programs support it, including Keep&Share, Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple iCal, etc. Keep&Share uses iCalendar formatted data in two ways: as a file format for one-time importing or exporting of calendar data, or as a data format for live iCal subscription feeds.

With any iCalendar feed, not just in Keep&Share, you cannot have real-time syncing. The industry iCal synching is based on the receiving calendar asking the sending calendar to send the latest. The sending calendar sends over a whole file. The frequency is entirely dependent on the receiving calendar (ex. Google Calendar). This means that Keep&Share cannot control the frequency of how often the Keep&Share iCalendar feed updates in external calendar programs.

However, you can choose to update your incoming iCalendar feeds from other calendars into your Keep&Share calendar monthly, weekly, daily, twice a day, every 30 minutes, or every 15 minutes.

To get real time synching, you need to be 100% using just one calendar system;  e.g., all Keep&Share calendars can share info using our Calendar Overlays feature and anybody you've shared with that has an overlay of your K&S calendar will always see 100% up-to-the-second version of your calendar.