The Calendar Edit History provides a history of all edits made to a Calendar by any Visitor to your Calendar with Edit Rights to the calendar. With the Calendar Edit History, you can protect calendar data with real-time backups and recover a deleted calendar entry.

Use the Calendar Edit HIstory to see:

  • Who changed a calendar entry
  • What a calendar entry was before the change, and after the change
  • When a calendar entry was changed

While you can see the Calendar Edit History for your entire calendar you can also look up the Calendar Edit History for individual events in your calendar. When you view the Calendar Edit History for an individual event you will still have all of the filters that are available when you view the Calendar Edit History for your entire calendar. Follow the steps in the image below:

Note: Due to the multi-user nature of History Logs, this feature is available only to paid Keep&Share accounts. This does not include our paid legacy accounts.

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