You can search inside your Calendar for specific words using your Keep&Share Calendar's “search” function located in the upper-right hand corner of your Calendar screen. If you use the standard calendar search, the search function will only search through your event text to match your search terms. See below:

However, the search function offers more options to search through not only your event text, but specific event tags, calendar overlays, and event notes. You can use all three of these options in any combination to help you find the information that you're looking for.

Searching Event Tags

If you have added Event Tags to your events then you can choose to search your calendar only for events marked with certain Event Tags. All of the Event Tags you have created will show up in the advanced search features so you can choose as few or as many of your Event Tags to search through as you'd like. See the image below:

Searching Calendar Overlays

If you have added calendar overlays to your calendar then you can include those overlays when you are searching through your calendar for specific information. See the image below:

Once you have checked the "Include Overlays" box you can continue to type in your search terms into the text box and click on the blue "Search" button to search your calendar.

Searching Event Notes

Event notes are a way to add a lot of text information to your event without cluttering the title of your event. If you need information from one of your event notes but aren't sure what event the note was added to then a quick way to find that information is to include event notes in your calendar search. See the image below: