History Logs provide history of all edits made to a To Do List by any Visitor to your list with Edit Rights to that list. With the history log you can protect your To Do Lists and recover deleted tasks.

Use History Logs to see:

  • Who changed a To Do List task
  • What a task was before the change, and after the change
  • When a task was changed
Note: Due to the multi-user nature of History Logs, this feature is available only to paid Keep&Share accounts. This does not include our paid legacy accounts.

Accessing your To Do List's History Log

First, go to the Customize Screen, and click on the click the “Advanced data protection” tab. Then click the dark blue “Audit History Log” link. Follow the steps in the image below:

This will open the To Do List Audit History Log, which allows you to search for any edits made to the tasks in your To Do List. In this screen you can filter your search by selecting your choice of To Do List, edit actions, users, and a range of dates. You can also choose how many results you would like displayed on your screen (ordered by the most recent date).

Note: History logs are only available for the past 9 months.

Searching your History Log by Calendar Dates & Changes

A Task Dates search (in the "Dates" tab) looks for for edits based on the date of the task. If you search the month of August, you will only find edits made to events scheduled to take place during the month of August.

This search is ideal for when you're looking for a history of edits to a specific task. You can also click on the "Task ID#" to look for changes to a specific task.

A Change Dates search (in the "Filters" tab) looks for edits based on a day when the task was changed by editing/deleting. If you search the month of August, you will only find edits made that were changed during the month of August, even if the event that was changed was scheduled for July, for example.