Events are a type of Calendar entry that is structured around a scheduled time, with options to connect to your email, phone, and other Calendars. Every event in your calendar has the “Add a Note” feature which allows you to add extra information and details about the event. The event notes have full word processing features including the ability to add formatted text, links, tables, lists, and images.

You can choose to print your entire calendar, print only your event notes, or you can print the details in your event notes with the events on your calendar as part of your calendar layout.

Note: You can only print your event notes with the rest of your calendar if your calendar is in Event View or Day View.

There are three positions for printing the Event Notes:

  1. Footnotes
  2. Beginning on the line after the event
  3. Beginning on the same line as the event

The "Beginning on the line after the event" event note position is not available if Day Grids in Day view are enabled on the printout. This is because events in Day Grids are limited in height (by the time span) so the event note would be clipped in most instances.

To print your event notes, follow the steps in the image below: