There are three ways that you can share things from your Keep&Share account with others who do not have a Keep&Share account:

  1. You can share your files Publicly - When you share “Publicly” your information will be accessible to anyone in the world. This information will be accessible whether or not an individual has a Keep&Share account and without that individual having to log into Keep&Share. It may also show up in search engines such as Google.
  2. Add email addresses to the Share Control - If you add email addresses to the Share Control for the item that you want to share then the person whose email you added will receive a guest pass from Keep&Share. They can use this guest pass to see the information you shared with them.
  3. You can share using the Private Sharing Link - When this link is turned on, you can keep your shared information private. Only people who have the Private Sharing Link will be able to access your files. We recommend only using this link when you have not shared publicly nor have you shared with specific friends or share groups.

The Share Control is the interface that lets you manage the share settings of all of your information in Keep&Share, including Calendars, Documents, Photo Albums, and more. If you want to share with someone who doesn't have a Keep&Share account, you can paste their email address directly into the Share Control. Once you save your settings, an email will be sent to that person with a guest login to see the information you shared with them.

To add an email address to the Share Control, follow the steps in the image below:

When you add someone's email address to the Share Control, that person will be sent an email from Keep&Share. In this email, this person will receive a temporary password as well as instructions on how to view your shared information. As soon as your invitee logs in with the password, they will have created themselves a guest pass account. This account will be limited to only viewing information that has been shared unless your invitee wants to upgrade to a free Basic account with more features.

Note: The extra features included in a free Basic account do not include the ability to give and receive edit rights as this is a feature only for paid accounts.