“Document Tags” are tags that you can assign to files in your account in order to label and color code them. Tags help you to visually link together similar documents or files very quickly. These tags are consistent through your Keep&Share account and can be found in your Files, Addresses, and Calendar application.

All tags are created in the Calendar application and you can assign a unique color or an icon to each tag. When you apply a tag to your documents, the name of your document will appear with the color and icon that you've chosen for your tag. Since the same tags appear in your Files, Addresses, and Calendar applications, these tags allow you to visually link items across applications. The total number of document tags depends on what type of account you have.

Note: You can only assign one document tag per document.

Follow the steps below to learn how to add a tag to your documents:

Once you have tagged your documents, then you can use the star icon in the brown bar at the top of your document folder to filter for tags with a certain document tag. See the image below:

Any tag that is created in your Calendar application will automatically show up in your "Files" application. If you don't want certain tags to show up in your documents, you can turn them off in the “Customize” screen for the Folder Set that your documents are in. See the image below:

You can also edit and create new tags for your files from the "Customize" screen. Please note that whatever changes you make in this screen will affect all of the tags in your account for all of your other applications. See the image below: