“Edit Rights” are the ability to make edits to your content in your account that you can give to anyone in your Share List in the Share Control. However, during May 2016 we will modify Keep&Share accounts to no longer support the option of giving Edit Rights to the “Public.” All accounts will be changed by about May 20th. Removing the “Can Edit” option for Public sharing prevents unauthorized individuals and spammers from being able to edit your shared information.

After the May change any share controls with Edit Rights assigned to “Public” will have these rights removed and it will no longer be possible to re-grant Edit Rights to the Public. The effect is that users who are not logged in will no longer be able to edit anything in your account. There will be no effect on Edit Rights granted to other specific Keep&Share accounts and Guest Passes — they will continue to work with no interruption.

Solutions for giving Edit Rights to the Public

If you were giving Edit Rights to the public to avoid logging into your account, then we suggest that you go ahead and log into your account. When you are logging into your account you can click on the checkbox next to “Remember Me” and this will allow you to stay logged into your account forever on a desktop and for 30 days on a mobile device.

If you had a group of people editing the calendar then you should do one of two things:

  1. Consider signing up for a Team plan - it will allow various members to edit the calendar and everyone will get notifications of edits made by others; also the Calendar Edit History will show exactly who made each edit.
  2. If a Team plan isn't right for you, please contact Keep&Share support for other options to allow a number of people to edit your calendar without logging into the calendar account itself or if you have other public editing needs.

If you have other needs, please contact support@keepandshare.com (e.g., if you have a calendar on a website page and really don't want a login).