You can easily print labels from your addresses stored in your account in a few simple steps. Keep&Share supports Avery's most popular address label formats. Let us know if you have need of a different address label format and we will add it!

All of the Avery label templates are listed by product number. To quickly find the size you are looking for you can go through the Avery Label Size Templates, make a note of the template style number, and then you can choose that template from the list in the “Print Labels” dialog in your account. If you have already purchased Avery labels, the label product number will be listed on the box and you can choose that product number from our template list.

To print your labels, please follow the steps in the image below:

Remember, you can use filters or search for the specific addresses that you want to print from your Address Book.

Note: When you print your address labels be sure to select your paper size first, and then choose your preferred Avery label type. The size of the paper will change the list of available label formats.

Note: Please be aware of the "all scaling should be off" options when printing from Adobe Acrobat or any other pdf rendering program. If this is on, it can result in label creep - the addresses on each row will be misaligned further so that the last row might print partly off the label.

You will see that there are a few other options for customizing how your labels are printed. The “Begin in Row” and the “Begin in Column” options allow you to make use of partial label sheets. For example, if you have only printed five labels on an Avery 5160 label printout, you could then start printing on that same sheet in the second row & the third column

Note: Using “Begin in Row” and “Begin in Column” to print on partial label sheets only applies to the first sheet of a printout. For example, if you are printing 5 pages of labels, you can only print on a partial sheet of labels for the first page. All other sheets in that print job will start in row #1, column #1

If the “Scale Font” this option is off (unchecked), addresses that are too long are clipped so that part of the address will be lost. With this option on (checked), the font size will be reduced on addresses that would otherwise be clipped. All other addresses will be unaffected. Normally, you will want this on so that the entire address appears on the label. If you would rather have all labels with the same font size (and don't mind the clipping), you can uncheck this option.

Address Label Printing Tips

When you are printing any of your address labels from Keep&Share, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • When you print from Keep&Share, we are generating a PDF file in a new browser window. From that new window is where you will print your files, calendars, addresses, etc.
  • Not all browser PDF add-ins print well. You might need to save the PDF from the browser add-in and load the file into a stand-alone PDF program like Adobe Acrobat
  • Be aware of how your printer prints - does it print on the top side of the paper or the bottom side? This affects how you should load your label sheets. Run a test with regular paper:
    • Mark a big X on the top of a sheet of paper
    • Put that sheet into the paper tray with the X up
    • Print a single page and see if the X is on the same side as the printout or on the back.
      • This will tell you whether to insert the label sheets face down (the X was on the back) or face up (the X was on the same side as you printed). If you are starting the label printing at a place other than row #1 and column #1 or, if your label sheet has a different margin on the top and bottom, you will also need to take note of which direction to insert the label sheets.
  • Be aware of printing options in the PDF program or browser add-in. You will need to ensure correct settings for:
    • Paper size (we only support “Letter” and “A4” sizes)
    • Scaling - all scaling should be off