There are three types of sharing that you can have on the applications (Calendars, Files, Addresses, etc.) in your account:

  1. Public Sharing - When you share “Publicly” your information will be accessible to anyone in the world. This information will be accessible whether or not an individual has a Keep&Share account and without that individual having to log into Keep&Share. It may also show up in search engines such as Google.
  2. Limited Sharing - Limited sharing is when you choose specific friends, share groups, email addresses, and/or team members to share within the Share Control.
  3. Private Sharing - This means that your information is completely private and no one outside of your account can access it until you change the sharing status in the Share Control. By default, any time that you create new information on Keep&Share (Calendars, Documents, etc.) your share settings will start out as “Private.” 

The Private Sharing Link is a link that you can copy and share with anyone, regardless of whether they have a Keep&Share account or not. This link allows you to keep your items shared privately, but you can give this link to others to access your files and they will not be required to log into a Keep&Share account. No one without this link can see your files.

This is a unique URL that is automatically generated for each of the files, calendars, photos, etc. in your account and you can find and enable this link in the Share Control.

If you have set your Share Control so that you are not sharing with the Public or any other Keep&Share accounts, then only people with the Private Sharing Link can access your files.

Note: The Private Sharing Link is a feature only available to paid accounts.

How to use the Private Sharing Link

First, you will need to navigate to the item you want to share (document, calendar, photos, etc.). Follow the steps in the image below to start using your Private Link:

Be careful who you give your Private Sharing Link to since it provides immediate direct access without requiring a login. You also have the option of invalidating the current Private Sharing Link and generating a new one if you choose by clicking on the “Reset Link” button in the Share Control. Anyone with the old Private Sharing Link will no longer be able to access your file when you click on this button.

Please note that every time you open the Share Control to copy the Private Sharing Link, the link will look different than the last time you opened the Share Control. This is for security reasons and all of your previous Private Sharing Links that you’ve copied will remain valid until you click on the “Reset Link” button.

If you do not have a paid account or do not want to use the Private Sharing Link, you can always copy the standard link in the Share Control and share that with your visitors.

NOTE: How to test your Private Sharing Link
If you want to test your PAL to see if it works you will need to open up a new browser where you are not logged into your Keep&Share account and paste the link in that browser. For example, if you are logged into your account in Chrome then you would want to open another browser like Firefox where you are not logged in and paste the link there.