The “Discussion” application is a great way to communicate with friends and colleagues over the Internet. Like online discussion boards, it has the immediacy of instant messaging combined with the permanency of email. People don't have to be logged online at the same time to see the discussion, and everyone can easily view all the posted messages, no matter when they were made.

Discussions are collections of comments posted by multiple users, organized together under a single topic. When you are starting a new Discussion, you will first pick a topic for your Discussion. You will then be able to use the full-featured word processor to format text, add colors to highlight key text, and embed photos, diagrams, and even scans of handwritten notes. Your starter text might be a simple question or query, but it can also be as many paragraphs long as you like.

Once you have added starter information to the body of the Discussion, you can then share it with others and they can comment on the material in the discussion. You can then organize your Discussions into folders, just like any other information in Keep&Share.

When you first open your account your Discussions app may not be visible. Learn more about how to turn on your Discussions app.