There are two ways that you can add descriptive text to your photos in your Photo Albums. You can either add a description to the individual photos, or you or your visitors can leave comments on your Photo Album. When you leave a comment on an individual photo in a Photo Album, those comments will be visible throughout the entire album. This means that you can see these comments when you are looking at individual photos in the album or viewing the entire Photo Album at once.

If you want to leave comments on a Photo Album in your account or someone else's follow the steps in the image below:

If you want to comment on a Photo Album that does not belong to you, learn more about visiting others' shares.

The owner of the Photo Album always has the ability to delete any comments that have been added to the Photo Album. If there is a visitor to your Photo Album, that visitor is only allowed to delete the comments that they personally have written. They cannot delete others’ comments. Also, visitors to your Photo Album do not have to have Edit Rights in order to leave comments on your Photo Album.