If you want to quickly send a message to any of your Friends or Share Groups, there is a "Send Message" link in the blue bar next to the “Friends” link. When you click on the “Send Message” link, a new pop-up dialog will appear. In this dialog you can choose members of your Friends List to send the message to, write your message, and your message will appear in the email inboxes of your friends.

However, if your friends are not receiving the messages you are sending using the “Send Message” feature there are a couple of reasons that this may be happening.

“Messages from Others” is not Turned On

If the person that you are sending a message to has a Keep&Share account and they are not receiving messages, then they most like do not have the “Messages from Others” option turned on in their Account Settings. To turn this option on, follow the steps in the image below:

Account has been Closed

Another reason that someone may not be receiving your messages is if their account has been closed. They might have closed their account or it may have been closed after 6 months of activity. In this circumstance that person will need to contact Keep&Share and submit a help ticket to have their account reopened.