There are four different ways that you can add a photo to your Day Notes: paste a photo, paste a photo link, upload a photo, and choose a photo from your Photo Library. When you paste a photo in your Day Note, you can paste any photo that you copy from the internet by pressing and holding the “CTRL” button (or the “command” button if you have a Mac) and pressing the “V” button on your keyboard at the same time.

Note: This feature will not work in Safari browsers. If you try to use this feature in Safari, you will see an error that says “We're sorry, but the Safari browser doesn't support Paste Photos uploads at this time.”

To paste a photo into your Day Note, you will first need to copy your photo and open the Day Editor in your calendar. Follow the steps in the image below:

After you have clicked on the “Paste Photo” button, you will see a new screen pops up where you can paste your photo. Follow the steps in the image below: