Keep&Share cannot send emails directly from you to your Event participants. This ensures that your participants recognize who the email is from and that they’ll open it — because they may not know they’re actually interacting with Keep&Share on your website, they may be confused to get an email from Keep&Share instead of from you or your business.

The types of email and text messages that we can send to your “Self-Book” event participants are confirmation and rejection emails, rescheduling and update notifications, cancellation notices, and pre-event reminders. When you are setting up pre-event reminders for your “Self-Book” event participants, there are two steps that you will need to go through. First, you will need to turn this feature on in your “Self-Book” template. To learn how to do this, follow the steps in the image below:

After you click on the "Pre-Event Reminders" checkbox, you can click on the "Reminder Settings" tab to choose your reminder settings for your event. You can set up to five reminders by email, text message, or email and text message. See the image below:

Alternatively, you can set up a reminder for your Self-Book event in the Event Editor for your event. You'll still need to make sure that "Pre-Event Reminder" is checked in your Self-Book template. See the image below:

Note: If you have a reminder for your Self-Book event in the Event Editor, any reminder that you add in your template will not replace the Event Editor reminder. Your template reminder will also not be applied if there's already a default calendar reminder in place.

Once you have set up Event Reminders for your participants, they will receive a reminder via email that looks similar to the one pictured below:

You can customize the text of your Self-Book reminders by going to the "Notification Settings" tab in your Self-Book template and clicking on the "Notification Reminder Text" tab.

Note: In order for your participants to receive email reminders for the event, your Self-Book form will need to have a field where your participants enter their email addresses.