Calendar Overlays let you create a combined view of your calendars by layering more calendars on top of the source calendar. For example, with Calendar Overlays you have one Calendar that you are currently looking at in your account. Any other Calendar that you have in your account can then be “overlaid” onto this Calendar. This means that you can have separate Calendars with different Events, but you can combine your Calendars as Calendar Overlays and see all of your Events at once.

An iCalendar feed allows you to synchronize live calendar data in your Keep&Share account with external, non-Keep&Share calendars. By default, when you copy the iCalendar feed for your Keep&Share calendars to put into other calendars, this iCalendar feed does not include Calendar Overlays.

However, there is an option in the “Customize” screen for you to include your Calendar Overlays in the iCalendar feed that you copy. To include overlays in your iCalendar feed, follow the steps in the image below:

You can see the difference between the iCalendar feed links below: