The Team Account is specifically designed for group accounts. With a Team account, there is one “master” account that controls all of the individual Team member sub-accounts on the account. The master account on a Team can manage the Team members using the Team Console.

One of the tools that we provide master accounts is the ability to share all Share Groups that are created within the master account on a Team account. If you share information repeatedly with the same set of Friends, you can save time by creating a Share Group. If you have a Team Plans paid account, you will see the term “Team Members” as an option for sharing in your Share List, as Team Members are a specialized Share Group.

Creating Groups allows you to share any of your Keep&Share documents with a specific group of people all at once, rather than selecting multiple friends’ names individually. This can especially beneficial if you have a Team account. For example, as the master account on the Team account, you may have several different groups of people that you share with: marketing, sales team, and inventory. You can create a Share Group for each of these groups and then share that Share Group with all of the members of your Team. This allows you to easily sync up all of your collaboration efforts with your Team and others.

If you have a master account and you want to share your Share Groups with you Team members, follow the steps in the image below:

When you have clicked on the box next to “Enable Automatic Group Sharing” this means that any Share Groups in the master account of a Team account will be shared with all of the members on that team automatically.

Note: When your Team Members try to access Share Groups that have been shared with them from the master account, they will not be able to see who the members of that Share Group are.