When you use Keep&Share mobile, whether as an app or as a shortcut on your mobile device you will notice that we have simplified many of your account options. A mobile website is a highly optimized version of a website that will be formatted to fit and function on any mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet. We have also worked hard to make sure that the mobile version of Keep&Share works as easily and quickly as possible.

You can upload photo to your photos from your mobile device directly into your Keep&Share account by first navigation to your "Photos" application and then following the steps below:

If you want to upload files into your account we still recommend using the “Upload Files by Email” feature. This will allow you to create a normal email on your mobile device, attach the files you want to upload to that email, and then send that email to a unique email address that is registered only to your Keep&Share account. You can find that unique email address in your Email Settings.