Keep&Share makes it easy to create calendars and then share them with other people. If you find that you need a calendar to share with a group, there are several ways you can achieve this. It all depends on whether you need the others that are viewing your calendar to have edit rights to that calendar or if you want to manage the entire group of people you are sharing with.

Create a Share Group

If you share information repeatedly with the same set of Friends, you can save time by creating a Share Group. Share Groups can include unlimited number of users, and can be used again and again to share many Documents, Photo Albums, and other Keep&Share information. Creating Groups allows you to share any of your Keep&Share documents with a specific group of people all at once, rather than selecting multiple friends' names individually.

However, the friends that you share your Calendar with will need to have a Keep&Share account in order to access your Calendar if you have shared it privately. Your friends in your Share Group will also need to have a paid account if you want to give them edit rights to edit your Calendar.

Learn more about Share Groups and how to share your Calendar with a Share Group.

Create a Team Account

The Team Account is specifically designed for group accounts. It provides easy central setup and administration, group branding, high performance central capacity in the group account for all Team members to share, and the highest level of features for all Team members. This enables you to put a group of people all on the same account. You can give those people editing rights and share your calendar with them and you can manage the group as a whole without your team members having to purchase a Keep&Share account.

In contrast with a Share Group, you would not be able to manage the individual accounts with a Share Group.

Learn more about Team accounts.