Using Keep&Share you can store any type of PC or Mac native file. Once these files are in Keep&Share they are referred to as “stored files.” In PC parlance they are also often known as binary files. This means that while you can store these files on Keep&Share, you can only edit them when you download them to your desktop computer and not from within your Keep&Share account. The only exception to this are files that were created in Keep&Share and have the .KCS format or if they are spreadsheet files.

We support the following formats:

  • Word Documents (example: .PDF, .DOC, .DOCX, .HTML, .RTF, .ODT)
  • Image Files (example: .JPEG, .JPG, .GIF)
  • Powerpoint (example: .PPT)
  • Spreadsheets (example: .CSV, .XLS)
  • Calendar Files (example: .CSV, .ICS)
  • Audio or Video Files (example: .MP3, .AVI)

Don't see a file format that you want to upload into Keep&Share? We are updating our system all the time so please feel free to email our support desk at support[at]keepandshare[doc]com to inquire about whether we support your files.

Learn more about uploading files into Keep&Share.