If you log into your account and find that one or more of your Calendars is missing, there are several reasons as to why this is. If you find that you have a missing calendar, always feel free to contact the Keep&Share support team at support[at]keepandshare[dot]com. We will be more than happy to help you located any of your missing information or answer any questions you have.

The most common reason that a Calendar goes missing is if you had an account that was closed due to inactivity. You may have had a paid or legacy account with us, but once your account is closed it gets downgraded to a free Basic account. Our free Basic accounts are only allowed one Calendar so if you reactivate your account, you will also need to re-purchase your account subscription. Once you do that, your missing Calendars will return to your account.

If you have a legacy account, which is one of our older account plans, you may have had a different number of Calendars allotted to your free or paid account. If your account gets downgraded due to being closed for inactivity, you will not be able to re-purchase your legacy account plan. You will either need to purchase a new paid account or purchase one of our expansion packs in order to restore your calendars to your account.

If you have or have had multiple Keep&Share accounts with us, it is possible that the Calendar you are looking for is located in one of your other accounts. You can always consolidate your account information by moving your Calendar from one account to another.