An “RSS” feed allows you to easily keep track of new information from websites that you subscribe to. The RSS feed (Rich Site Summary) is a special link to a website that you can add to an RSS news feed aggregator, which will notify you of new updates to the websites (or Calendars) that you subscribe to. Using an RSS feed removes the need for you to check websites individually for updates and it also helps maintain your privacy, as you will not have to join any newsletter or mailing lists for the websites that you subscribe to.

With Keep&Share, you can share the RSS feed for your Calendars and help others stay updated on recent changes to your calendar. This is especially helpful if you have a Calendar for public or community events. Also, the RSS feed allows you to send updates to individuals that do not have a Keep&Share account, as long as your Calendar is shared publicly.

How to find the RSS feed for your Calendar

To access your Calendar’s RSS feed, you will need to go to the “Customize” screen for that Calendar. Follow the steps in the image below:

Once you have copied the RSS feed link for your Calendar, you can share it with others or you can add it to an RSS feed news aggregator.

When you copy the link for your RSS feed, you may notice that there is an “n=7” parameter automatically added to the end of this link. This parameter determines how many days in the future your RSS feed will show events for. You can hand-edit this parameter so that the “n=” could be 30 or 45 or 90 or 180, or however many days in the future you what your RSS feed to show. The maximum number of days your RSS feed can show is 365 days.