Keep&Share provides you with several tools that will enable you to change the color of your Events. Changing your Event Colors allows you to quickly identify different or similar Events in your Calendar. You can change your Event colors by:

Using the Event formatting tools

When you create an Event on your Calendar, you can open up the Event Editor and you will see several options for text colors text background colors. You can click on any of these color options to add it to your Event. If you want to add a background color to your event be sure to click on the "Highlight" button. To remove the background color simply click on the "Highlight" button a second time. Follow the steps in the image below:

Adding an Event Tag

You can also apply Event Tags to your Events and each Event Tag can have its own unique colors. Event Tag colors will override any colors that you have added to your Events using the Event dialog. Learn more about adding colors to your Event Tags.

Adding a color to a Calendar Overlay

If you Events are in a Calendar and you add that Calendar as an Overlay to another Calendar in your account, you can assign unique colors to that Calendar Overlay. The Calendar Overlay colors will override any Event colors that you add using the Event Editor. Learn more about adding colors to your Calendar Overlay.

Note: Calendar Overlays are a feature available only to paid accounts.