If you create a new “Self-Book” template, you will have the option of changing the "Self-Book” form to keep bookings to your Calendar from being automatically accepted. Using “Booking Processing” will hold any pending booking made to your Calendar from posting until you approve it. Booking Processing is one of the many options available for Customized “Self-Book” Templates.

In a new “Self-Book” template, you will see a “Processing” option with a drop-down menu. You will need to select the “Reserve for Approval” option before you save your template in order to hold all bookings pending your approval. Follow the steps in the image below:

When you use the “Reserve for Approval” option, all of your bookings will be held in the “Review Bookings” panel for your Event. It is in this panel that you can choose to approve or deny each of the bookings made for your Event. To access your “Review Bookings” panel, follow the steps in the image below:

This panel is where you can approve or reject any bookings, suggestions, reservations, or sign-ups on your Calendar. See the image below: